Hello world!

A thought from our Intern

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called Passion.

Good day to you all!!

Summer is coming and now it’s time to learn new things and try new experiences. To me, I am lucky to have a chance to start a new journey in One Nation Hub during this summer as my internship. After two-week working here, I have learned many extra-ordinary things as well as gain more connections to strengthen my career background. Hence, I would like to share my experiences here in One Nation Hub with you.

First of all, I would like to tell briefly about my responsibilities in One Nation Hub. As an intern in Marketing and Event Management, I am mainly in charge of writing contents for marketing, organizing events and examining the webpage as well as the social channels. Simple as it may seem, these tasks require real-life practices to improve and thanks to being a part of One Nation Hub, not only have I had opportunities to apply all the theories learned in university but I have also been taught many new practical things that one can never learn in school. Furthermore, in One Nation Hub, I have been allowed to get used to every part of the company from the easiest tasks to the most difficult ones. This is really important, especially to students who will graduate soon, because it enables us to gain knowledge and experiences in every aspects, which will help lighten up our future career goals.

Second of all, it is totally about the working environment and working culture in One Nation Hub. One Nation Hub is passionate about diversity and that means not just gender diversity or racial diversity, but diversity of different types of people and thinking. And I think particularly in this area of Event Management where you’re trying to mix events with a load of magic, work, fun and learn; and we don’t quite know what that combination looks like, we need this tolerance, this diversity in personality types and the approaches people bring to it. Because that’s how we’ll get the good stuff out. Besides, the culture in One Nation Hub is a culture that promotes respect. Respect among each other but also respect to others outside One Nation Hub. It is a company that fosters the growth mindset and actually provides employees with the energy and enthusiasm to make it happen. It is a company in which you can really contribute and grow and it’s a company that you can have fun in.

To make it briefly, I am really glad to be a member of One Nation Hub and I am proud of being accepted to this company. More than anything, I hope I could share my feelings and appreciation of One Nation Hub to everybody. And if you would like to have some great, amazing but valuable experiences like me, join One Nation Hub or come to visit us. You will definitely like it!!


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